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Helping people relax, relieve pain, and increase mobility in their bodies, using different modalities of massage and bodywork
Services and Rate Chart

Investing in massage is an investment in your overall wellness, mobility, and health. I believe that every body and every pain is different. So if we take the time to communicate well during the initial interview your overall experience will be tremendously better.  All massage times are hands on time so please allow 15 minutes extra on each side of your massage for setup, talking, and tear down.  


Relaxation Massage

A blend of light to deep pressure using various modalities of massage.  Each massage is tailored around the clients needs on that day.  I have found that the majority of my clients find it beneficial and actually desire that the massage be ever evolving to their needs, rather than an exact routine that usually leaves spots of the body feeling like they could use more attention. 


Pain Elimination Therapy

This unique service is designed to help clients overcome PAIN in their bodies. Focusing on individual parts of the body. From your head (Headaches/Migraines) all the way thru the body down to your feet (Plantar Fasciitis). PAIN HURTS WHY SUFFER. All Pain Elimination Therapy appointment times are approximate times, it could be a little bit either side of the mark depending on clients needs at the time.

*1st session is always a 75 minute appointment*


Vibrational Massage

A great introduction session for those that are leery about getting a massage. This is an unique massage using vibrations, rocking, and shaking to help loosen joints and tissues while increasing mobility.


Series of Sessions

At the bottom of the rate chart there are some series of different types, designed to help our customers save some money on multiple sessions of the same type.


Rate Chart

Carpal Tunnel Therapy - 1st Session$130 / 60 minutes
Carpal Tunnel Therapy - Follow Up$75 / 30 minutes
Pain Elimination Therapy - 1st Session$150 / 75 minutes
Pain Elimination Therapy - 4 Follow Up Sessions$480 / 60 minutes
Pain Elimination Therapy - 4 Follow Up Sessions$260 / 30 minutes
Pain Elimination Therapy - Follow Up$130 / 60 minutes
Pain Elimination Therapy - Follow Up$75 / 30 minutes
Relaxation Bliss - 6 Relaxation Massages$540 / 60 minutes
Relaxation Massage$185 / 120 minutes
Relaxation Massage$145 / 90 minutes
Relaxation Massage$100 / 60 minutes
TMJ Therapy - 1st Session$130 / 60 minutes
TMJ Therapy - Follow Up$75 / 30 minutes
Ulitmate Relaxation Bliss - 12 Relaxation Massages$1000 / 60 minutes
Vibrational Massage$100 / 60 minutes
Year of Massage - 24 Relaxation Massages$2000 / 60 minutes
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